Saturday, February 3, 2007

South Fork American (Chili Bar)

Desperate for somewhere to paddle after an the extremely dry month of January, Shon Bullock, Christian Figueroa-Tyler, and myself headed for the American River Drainage. Leaving at 10pm from Arcata, Christian and I met up with Shon in Redding. After repacking our gear into Shon’s car we headed south. Arriving at Camp Lotus at 4am we passed out in the field where the Camp Lotus directional sign is located.
Around 9am Charlie Center woke us up and let us know of our camping location error. Later that day we paddled the South Fork of the American from Chili Bar to Camp Lotus. Since almost everyone and their Mom has paddled this section I’ll spare the run description and just include some pictures from the day.

Chili Bar Put-in.

First Threat - Photos by Christian Figueroa-Tyler

Alex Horangic

Alex Wolfgram

Jim? - Attempting to take a photo while surfing.

Charlie Center

Paul Gamache

Shon Bullock

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