Sunday, March 18, 2007

Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival '07

Steamer's Lane. Photo: Cara Smith

The Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival is the largest gathering in the kayak surf world. A large reason why this event is so popular is due to the allowance of being able to surf Steamer's lane without a surfer in sight. One of the major issues with this event is the judging system which hinders the progression of the freestyle aspect of kayaking. Whitewater boats capable of pulling major aerial moves are ultimately eliminated from finals due to being unable to earn enough points with the existing scoring system. Shon Bollock and I were determined to make finals using whitewater boats and were both stoked to reach finals. Shon made 4th place in Junior's Production Plastic and I scored enough for 4th place in Expert Production Plastic.
For a full list of the results: Click Here

Paul Gamache and Shon Bollock, stoked to make finals. Photo: Cara Smith

Here are some pictures from the Santa Cruz Comp:

Shawn Hartje surfing it up. Photo: Unknown

Rusty Sage. Photo: Paul Gamache

Geoff Jennings happy to be out of the cave. Photo: Cara Smith

Happy St. Patty's Day.

Demany Smith doing an infamous cut-back. Photo: Paul Gamache

Shon Bollock about to be robbed. Photo: Paul Gamache

Paul Gamache conforming to the scoring. Photo: Cara Smith

Dick Wold. Photo: Paul Gamache

Santa Cruz, Cali. Photo: Paul Gamache

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