Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Homestake Creek

"Homestake is a mean little creek that wants to hurt you"
Paul's sentiment after his first trip down.

Having heard of Homestake Creek as the Extreme Race featured in the Teva Mountain Games, Leif and I were eager to see what the hype was about. Upon arriving at Put In I quickly lost all interest in bouncing my way down the creek which was only a trickle at 44 CFS, the race is usually done with about 100 or so. However, Leif seemed super fired up about it since he would be participating in the race in a little less than a week. So instead of running alongside and doing safety I geared up and joined Leif for a jot down the creek.

Geared up and ready to go. Paul Gamache and Leif Anderson. Photo: Conor Ross (Taken during a later trip down Homestake, 98 CFS.)

The early rapids are on the cleanside of junky which makes sense if you've seen the actual junk rapids which lay further downriver.

Leif Anderson scouting the junkier rapids downstream, no wonder this rapid is called "Piece of Shit". Photo: Paul Gamache

Things went well for the first couple drops, we both made it cleanly through the double drops and "Leap of Faith" with no problem and continued on towards "POS".

Leif Anderson and Paul Gamache boofing one of the double drops. Photo: Conor Ross (Taken during a later trip down Homestake, 98 CFS.)

Eddy below the double drops. You can see "Leap of Faith" in the distance. Photo: Conor Ross. (Taken during a later trip down Homestake, 98 CFS.)

Somewhere in the midst of the fun. Photo: Paul Gamache

All in all Homestake is actually a pretty fun creek, bring whatever motocross gear you have though cause you're gonna need it if you F* up.

Paul feeling the Homestake Luvin. Photo: Leif Anderson


Put In:

Take the Minturn exit off I-70, you should now be on 24 South. In about 10 miles you'll cross over a large bridge that looks like this:

Continue on and take the first road on your right. Park and the top of the rock pile known as Homestake Creek.

Take Out:

Drive down road next to the creek and take out at the parking lot or continue on and use the Gilman Gorge Take Out.

Flows: 60-250CFS, Leif and I got on it at 44 and 98 CFS but it's much better with more water.

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