Thursday, January 24, 2008

Upper Klamath Race

Upper Klamath Downriver Race Sunday April 20th

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April 19th practice, April 20th race.
7 miles, Class (IV+ - V). Mass start by division at Frain Ranch, finish at State Line Falls. Divisions include; kayak, paddle raft (14 feet or less in length, 3 thwarts, 6 paddlers or less, cataraft, unlimited.
High water cutoff=4,500cfs, low water cutoff=1,000cfs.
Activities Schedule:
1. Saturday 7:30am SHARP: all competitors meet for shuttle. Meeting place = Ashland Albertsons parking lot. From I-5 south, take a right off the freeway, drive approximately 200 meters, the large Albertsons parking lot will be to your right.
2. 8:15am – Depart for JC Boyle/Spring Island put in.
3. 9:45am – Arrive at the put in. All competitors quickly rig boats and gear up.
4. 10:15am – All participants safety meeting. Establish pod leaders and groups.
5. 10:45am – 1st pod shoves off, all other pods staged and depart at 5 minute intervals.
6. 11:45am – Stop above Caldera Rapid, river left, for a scout and snack.
7. 12:15 – 1st pod drops into Caldera, remaining pods shove off at 5 minute intervals.
8. 1:45 – 2:00pm – All competitors gather at take out river left below State Line for run debrief and discussion.
9. 2:30 – Load shuttle vehicles for drive to Ashland.
10. 3:00 – Depart take out (exact take out will be determined later but will be at or very close to State Line Access).
11. 4:15 – Arrive Albertsons parking lot.
12. 4:45 – Meet for food and refreshments at a venue to be determined.

All timelines and locations still apply.
Only difference will be stop at Frain Ranch and start race there. Safety boaters and camera personnel will have a 15 minute head start to stage.
4:45 - At a venue in Ashland for chili feed and awards ceremony.
• The 1st Annual Upper Klamath Downriver Race is part of the Western Whitewater Championship Series (WWCS) which is endorsed by the United States Rafting Association (USRA).
• This series will be run with adherence to rules set forth by the International Rafting Federation (IRF) as these rules may apply.
• All WWCS events will be ran in accordance of all local regulations (permits), be insured by the American Canoe Association (ACA), and demonstrate environmental awareness at all times.
• WWCS entrance fees will be kept to an absolute minimum with the goal to simply cover costs such as permit fees, insurance, fuel, etc. The UK race fee is a mere $15 per competitor which includes all shuttles.

Volunteers are welcome. All participants are required to be safe, have fun, paddle hard, and develop positive river communities. Questions? Contact USRA President : Tim Brink at

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