Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tatlow and Mamquam

Check out the Bryan Smith's 49 Megawatts to learn more about this destructive project.

Working through the weekend the Ashlu Power Project continues on.

Repairing the road to put-in.

Cody getting over the culvert.

Heading to the Put-in, watch for branches. Photo: Scott Waidelich.

Dropping the truck at the end of the road and getting ready to head out.

Mike Fisher having fun on the hike.


Put-in Rapid.

Cody heading to scout the crackish 20'.

Cory on the Crackish drop.

Mike same drop.

Cody and Matt MacKinnon heading to another horizon line.

Cody on a fun double drop.

Portage - Sieve w/ wood.

Mike having fun once again on the portage.

Cody runs the famous wall drop.

Boof directly above the ~40' slide.

Scott ripping down the slide.

Portage for some, here Mike runs the Log Drop.

Mike in the foreground as Cory rips a boof on another super fun double-drop.

While we were on the creek a few Southeast boys (Tony, Shane, Curtis, etc) fixed up the road even more. This is the same culvet shown in the photo above, a 2wd could almost get over it now. Thanks Guys!

The next day we headed to Mamquam Falls.

Paul running a low but great flow Mamquam. Photo: Scott Waidelich.

About 2 minutes after Paul ran the drop the waterkeepers released flows on Mamquam Creek. The flow going over the falls trippled almost instantly! Look for this drop and more on Cody's upcoming Risen Sun film.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics. I've got some sick video of your run on Wham-Bam-Thankyou-Mamquam run. What the hell am i doing at the put in drop? Fuckin pre-river, Devil's Club surgery!!