Saturday, January 1, 2000

Crapo Creek

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Forks of Salmon local (Cylus) boofs this tricky 12' falls.

Crapo creek is a small drainage located near the confluence of the North Fork and Main Stem of the California Salmon river. Originating in the base of the marble mountian wilderness it flows south towards the Trinity alps. It was first ran in 2002 and since has been run only a handful of times mostly by local paddlers to the Arcata/Humboldt area.

Due to its realatively low elevation and ease of access it is a great creek to do when in the area in the winter and spring. Like its big brother Bridge Creek, Crapo has similiar drops but with more junk in between. There is numerous slides and drops however. Nothing exceeds 20 feet making it fun but not drop dead stressfull. There are numerous portages around logs and one over a old dam about a mile from the confluence. However the majoraty of drops are navagable. To find crapo you should consult a topo map. Look a few drainages up from where wooley creek hits the Cal Salmon. It is relatively painless logistically. After 5 mile drive on a decent road and a small scramble down a muddly slop you are set. Flows vary based on snowpack and expecially rain. When the flows on the main Salmon are between 5ft and 7ft Crapo is running wich is most of the winter and spring.

-Ben Wartburg

Merlin Hanauer launching off one of the bigger drops on the run.

Merlin, having one of his few good lines of the day, nails this drop.

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