Saturday, January 1, 2000

Morehouse Creek

-Andrew Bell on the confluence falls.

-Merlin on one of the many technical rapids.

Paul Gamache - Confluence Rapid. Photo: Ben Hawthorne

-Morehouse creek drains from North to South out of the Marble Mountains and into the Salmon river about five miles down from the confluence. Morehouse shares a peak with Crapo creek and drains the opposite side of some of Wooley creeks larger tributaries like Rock and Sienacher creek. If you have traveled up the Salmon during daylight hours then you have seen the beautiful falls where Morehouse pours into the Salmon. This falls has been run several times, run first a few years ago by local boy Rush Sturges, but until earlier this year the rest of the creek was yet to be run. This can, for the most part, be attributed to the lack of any conventional access, including any type of trail. There are some access tips you can pick up from locals, but I would recommend inquiring with CaliProduct if possible since some of the locals might not take kindly to "some honyaker" asking for directions on where to go romping through the woods.

-The creek itself is quite enjoyable and typical of most creeks in the area: lots of gradient (400+) and lots of wood, not a lot of water. Morehouse is a very small creek and you absolutely must have over 7.0 ft. on the Salmon River gauge. The gradient is constant with some challenging drops but few very large drops, in fact the biggest drop we encountered was the last drop into the river. That being said, this creek presents many challenges, it is not an easy creek and a strong team is a must. Check the clip section for some shots from the first d.

-Merlin Hanauer

-Andrew Bell on the confluence falls.

-Seth Rikter on the last drop of the run.

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