Saturday, January 1, 2000

Steinacher Creek

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1st D - Raft: Paul Gamache & Alex Wolfgram.

Stienacher creek is a fairly large creek that is a tributary to Wooley creek. To get there, hike up the closed off road that runs along Wooley creek. After around 1 mile, you start dropping down into a valley, this is Stienacher creek. The trail is very easy, and it drops you right to the creek. From there you have about a half mile of fun granite rapids until you reach the falls. You will know when you get there, you can scout on the left hand side. The falls is around 25 feet, it is not vertical, but more of a slide. It is not worth doing this creek if you don't want to run the falls. The falls drops you right into wooley creek, which you can paddle down to the bridge and hike back to your cars. When the Cal Salmon is flowing good (4.5 and up), Stienacher is most likely flowing. If you do not know how to get to Wooley creek, consult Lars's Best Whitewater in California book.

Charlie -Steinacher Clip

Merlin - Steinacher Clip

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